Business harmony

The company VDGS was founded in the year 2019 as an instrument for the realization of investment potential with the focus on technological, technical and business areas.

The vision of the company VDGS is a harmonious development of investment potential.

We develop investment potential based on the experience of our team and the cooperation with our partners. We pay great attention to effectivity when searching for new investment opportunities whose potential we closely analyse. Based on the examined data we make bold decisions thanks to which we can realize our new investment projects and maximize their strategic, business and financial value. We follow a clear plan and maintain the overall conception of each project.


Our values

Partnership approach

Effective communication




Company profile

The basic element of VDGS is the many years of management and business experience of our founder, team and cooperating partners.

The whole VDGS team builds on the experience gained during its past presence in the telecommunication market, linear construction, real estate and other business activities of a similar character. The values of VDGS are partnership approach, effective communication, the maximal use of resources and especially the care for our internal and external partnerships.

“Nowadays, technological progress lies behind many successes, but human strength is something that still has to stand behind it. My wish is for people to be the main component of our new projects as well as our new partners. Only in this way can we form the team of our future.”

Jan Štěpnička founder of the company VDGS